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Hair Removal


Full leg                               $69.00
½ leg                                   $40.00
Bikini line                           $34.00
Bikini line plus top strip     $42.00
Bikini extreme                    $55.00
Full Brazilian Female         $75.00
Brazilian re-wax, 4 weekly $65.00
Underarm                             $21.00
Lip or chin                           $22.00
Chest wax                            $55.00
Back wax                             $57.00
Full Brazilian Male              $75.00                     
Extra wax charge                 $19.00


At Beautique we are experts in electrolysis. We use the blend, diathermy, or galvanic methods depending on individual needs. Only sterile disposable needles are used, and disposed of after each use.

The perfect treatment for small areas like lips, chins, nipples, or for those who have already had IPL/Laser treatment which hasn't quite finished off those resistant hairs in any area. Electrolysis will deal to those individual hairs really well at a much better price point.

Don't hesitate to try this treatment, it is proven to work and has been in use for over 100 years.

Electrolysis consultation and trial FREE of charge
Up to 15min $31.00
Up to 30min $48.00
Up to 45min $69.00
Up to 1 hour $90.00

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224a Tinakori Road, Thorndon
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