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Collagen Induction Treatment

Full Face Collagen Induction Treatment Allow 75-90 mins     $300

At Beautique we are proud to offer the revolutionary Dermapen4 Collagen Induction needling system.
This is a medical grade device which is available to reputable, trained technicians only. This system consists of a pen-like device which incorporates a single use disposable needle cartridge containing 16 miniature needles. These needles are oscillating and puncturing at an incredible speed to create tiny micro channels in the skin surface, which makes the skin think it is injured, therefore beginning a healing process. Part of the healing process means the skin lays down a new network of collagen. This collagen matures over time and creates a plumpening and renewing effect to the skin.
The device is the ultimate in technology with bluetooth upgrades regularly to allow us to give the most optimum treatment possible.
The needles are disposable and we also use a special covering over the device for hygiene reasons. 
The technician can adjust the treatment to suit the individual client. So we are able to treat individual areas at different depth levels. This enables us to work harder on any condition from scar tissue, to pigmentation to redness whilst still keeping client safety in mind. A very results driven treatment.
This treatment requires the client to have good skincare and adhere to our protocols throughout the treatment course. If you are interested in a consultation to find out more please contact us. This is one of those treatments which is really safe and over time gives results like smoother less lined skin and overall glow and firmness.

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